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Are you looking for a WhatsHash alternative? Discover why NizerChats is the best alternative to WhatsHash it can help you organize your WhatsApp chats to convert and retain more customers. Start for free!

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WhatsApp CRM

NizerChats was meant for sales, customer service, and any team that relies heavily on WhatsApp to run and grow its business.

Superpowers for WhatsApp

Organize your chats in columns, add labels, create reminders, notes, send scheduled messages, and much more await you inside our WhatsApp integration.

WhatsApp CRM Free

All our features are available in our free version. If you want to get even more, you can get our Pro plan.

Why NizerChats is the best WhatsHash alternative 👇

TL/DR: no learning curve is needed to start reaping the reward of our WhatsApp based CRM. NizerChats is already inside WhatsApp. We offer live chat support to all of our customers and also we have a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Using NizerChats you won't lose access to WhatsApp Business features. Last but not least, you can get the most out of the Kanban model to organize your WhatsAppp chats to convert and retain more customers.

El CRM para WhatsApp más sencillo

Intuitive UI/UX

We are already inside WhatsApp web. Open WhatsApp web and start in less than a minute. No learning curve is needed.

Live Chat Support

No matter what plan do you have, we offer live chat and email support. We want to help you get the most out of our WhatsApp based CRM.

Convierte chats de WhatsApp en tareas
CRM para WhatsApp gratuito

Money-Back Guarantee

We want happy customers. That's why we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Are you unsatisfied in the first 30 days of use? Don't worry. We got your back!

WhatsApp Features

Don't lose access to the complete stack of WhatsApp Business features: quick replies, catalog, groups, forward messages, and more. They will be there for and you also will have our superpowers for WhatsApp.

Arrastra y mueve tus chats de WhatsApp

Kanban Model

Get the most out of one of the most influential and famous methods to manage and improve work across human systems, the Kanban Model. Feel free to use our columns based on your needs.

Un CRM para WhatsApp único en su especie
How does the best WhatsHash alternative work?

You are just a few simple steps closer to taking control of your Whatsapp chats. The setup process takes less than one minute.


Features of the best WhatsHash Alternative

Handy features that you won't find in any other tool will help you get the most out of WhatsApp while taking care of your business.

CRM para WhatsApp que trabaja con Kanban

Arrange your Chats

Convert your WhatsApp chats into draggable cards. Based on the Kanban methodology, you'll have columns to create your workflow. Move your chats between them. Add or personalize columns when need it.

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Ideal for teams. Use NizerChats from up to 3 different browsers and your settings will be synced in real-time.

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WhatsApp Multi-Device
Agrega recordatorios para tus chats de WhatsApp

Schedule Messages

Avoid forgetting to send a message or follow up. Schedule messages to be sent at a later date.

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Add Reminders

Want to remember something about a customer? Add a quick reminder with a description and the extension will notify you. Also, you can sync the reminder with your Google Calendar with a click.

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Add reminders to WhatsApp
Filtra tus mensajes de WhatsApp de forma sencilla

Filter by Unread

A really simple filter that will help you stay on top of your unread messages. Focus on the task at hand and your unread messages will be there, waiting for you just a click away.

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Tag Chats

Personalize tags to categorize your contacts. Assign the tags to your chats easily.

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Agregar tags a tus chats de WhatsApp
Filtros avanzados para tus chats de WhatsApp

Filter by Tag

Catch a glimpse of all the chats under a certain tag. Search and find categorized chats.

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Add Notes

Want to remember something about a chat or customer? Use the note field and add additional comments to your chats.

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Agrega notas a tus chats de WhatsApp
CRM para WhatsApp con búsqueda avanzada de chats

Advanced Search

A super-powerful search feature to help you find chats using as filters: keywords, tags, and notes.

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Rename Contacts on the Fly

If you have new customers daily, it's tedious to create new contacts. Rename your contacts on the fly to add a layer of personalization to your customers.

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Rename Whatsapp contacts on the fly
Silencia chats o grupos de WhatsApp

Hide Chats

Don't want to hear from annoying customers or groups anymore? Hide them and move on.

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WhatsHash alternative testimonials

See how NizerChats is helping folks organizing their WhatsApp to convert and retain more customers like never before!

"I've been using NizerChats for the past few weeks and I can't be more delighted. It's helping manage the orders I receive on WhatsApp and keep my chats organized. "

Kate Rose Testimonial

Kate Rose


"A no-brainer extension to organize your chats if you are serious about selling over WhatsApp."

Kevin Laverty

Kevin Laverty

Director of Sales

"We can tackle multiples support tickets on WhatsApp and keep track of them without hassle with NizerChats."

Monique Smith

Monique Smith

Customer Success Manager