WhatsApp Business for Food Delivery

Delight your customers not just by delivering on time, also by communicating accurately and personalized in your delivery process.

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CRM for Small and Medium Businesses

NizerChats was meant for sales, customer service, and any team that relies heavily on WhatsApp to run and grow its business. Coined by bootstrapped founders, we want to help you organize your chats to convert more sales, and keep your customer retention high!

CRM for WhatsApp Business and Personal

Works for Business and Personal WhatsApp accounts. NizerChats only needs you to open WhatsApp Web on your Google Chrome browser (laptop/pc), set it up in less than one minute, and it will help you organize your WhatsApp chats.

WhatsApp Free CRM Made Simple

You don't need endless features, integrations, or automation to prevent losing more chats and as a result, customers. NizerChats helps you stop leaving money on the table by forgetting to reply to your customers on time.

Deliver better customer experiences with WhatsApp Business

Use NizerChats to manage your chats accordingly to your delivery workflow. Move customer chats between columns based on your delivery process. Communicate accurately and on time to your customers.

A simple framework to organize your Whatsapp chats

Organize your delivery workflow

Create columns based on your delivery process and know where every customer is in your delivery journey.

Personalize your customers in a blitz

Don't waste time creating a contact for every customer. Rename chats on the fly directly from NizerChats and keep moving.

Quick setup of Whatsapp organization tool
Convert your chats to tasks on Whatsapp

Add essential data to your chats

NizerChats lets you add tags and notes to your chats. Add a layer of personalization to your customers

Find every customer

Search for customers based on: phone number, renamed field, note, and tag.

Sort unread messages on Whatsapp
Whatsapp CRM with drag and drop

Setup and start now

You won't need long tutorials or one-on-one setups. You can configure and start organizing your delivery process in less than one minute.

How does our WhatsApp Business for food delivery software work?

You are just a few simple steps closer to start organizing your delivery process with NizerChats. The setup process takes less than one minute.

Download Nizechats
Nizechats is a Google Chrome extension, you'll need Google Chrome and our extension installed.
Whatsapp Web
Open the extension while using WhatsApp Web and your account will be automatically associated.
Start organizing
your chats
Move, tag, rename, add notes, and much more to your conversations.
Enjoy being
Focus on what matters most for your business knowing that your chats are organized.

All the features you need to master your delivery process!

Supercharge your WhatsApp Web with unique features to organize your food delivery chats.

Their words about our WhatsApp Business for food delivery services

See how NizerChats is helping folks organizing their WhatsApp chats to delight their customers!

"I've been using NizerChats for the past few weeks and I can't be more delighted. It's helping manage the orders I receive on WhatsApp and keep my chats organized. "

Kate Rose Testimonial

Kate Rose


"A no-brainer extension to organize your chats if you are serious about selling over WhatsApp."

Kevin Laverty

Kevin Laverty

Director of Sales

"We can tackle multiples support tickets on WhatsApp and keep track of them without hassle with NizerChats."

Monique Smith

Monique Smith

Customer Success Manager