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Open the extension

The extension is installed successfully in your Chrome browser. Now, look for the NizerChats icon in your navigation bar. If you don't find it, open the Extensions menu from a link like this and pin NizerChats extension.

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See on your own how NizerChats can help you organize your chats and set a simple framework to be more efficient. Want to take your WhatsApp management to the next level? Become a Pro!


Visit our Help Center where you'll be able to find the frequently asked questions from our customers.

They are already reaping the rewards

Some real and honest testimonials from our customers, see what they are getting from our Whatsapp Chats Organizer.

"I've been using NizerChats for the past few weeks and I can't be more delighted. It's helping manage the orders I receive on WhatsApp and keep my chats organized. "

Kate Rose Testimonial

Kate Rose


"A no-brainer extension to organize your chats if you are serious about selling over WhatsApp."

Kevin Laverty

Kevin Laverty

Director of Sales

"We can tackle multiples support tickets on WhatsApp and keep track of them without hassle with NizerChats."

Monique Smith

Monique Smith

Customer Success Manager