WhatsApp Multiple Devices

Learn how to use WhatsApp from up to four devices at the same time.

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Yes, it’s here! Finally!

The ability to use WhatsApp from multiple devices simultaneously, is for certain, the main feature that people using WhatsApp for business, were expecting.

This feature will have a massive impact on businesses that use WhatsApp as a sales or customer service channel.

Configuring WhatsApp on multiple devices won’t take more than one minute.

But, you should consider a thing or two before you start.

Want to know the best part? We’ve added the multiple devices feature to our WhatsApp based CRM.

Enjoy NizerChats, the most light-weight CRM in the market, now with WhatsApp multiple device support.

How to activate WhatsApp on multiple devices


1. Open WhatsApp > Settings

2. Linked Devices

Whatsapp multiple devices on iphone step 1

3. Multi-Device Beta

Whatsapp multiple devices on iphone step 2

4. Join Beta

Whatsapp multiple devices on iphone step 3


1. Open WhatsApp

2. Tap on the three dots on the top right of the screen

Whatsapp multiple devices on android step 1

3. Linked Devices

Whatsapp multiple devices on android step 2

4. Join Beta

Whatsapp multiple devices on android step 3

That’s it! You are in!

Main advantages of using WhatsApp on multiple devices

First things first: this multiple device feature is attractive for businesses, but to be honest, it won’t make a lot of impact for personal use.

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses needed to have their products and support available on digital channels.

With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp was one of the places to go when looking for fast replies for these businesses.

Once used as a place to be with friends and relatives, those small and medium businesses in need started using WhatsApp to be in touch with their customers and reduce the economic impact of this pandemic.

With this massive shift of WhatsApp from personal use to personal + business use, some things started to appear as missing features to manage a business directly from WhatsApp.

First, in most cases, several different employees need to be in touch with customers at various stages of the customer experience:

  • Pre-sales
  • Sales
  • After-Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Etc.

On the other hand, customers contact companies for multiple purposes:

  • Ask for a price
  • Purchase
  • Support assistance
  • After-sale assistance

With this beta version of WhatsApp multiple devices, up to four team members can jump right into WhatsApp on different devices and see all the data synced.

Here’s a crazy thing: you can use WhatsApp web without having your phone turned on. Neat, right?

Go ahead and share WhatsApp access with your staff to all be on the same page with your customers.

Limitations of using WhatsApp on multiple devices

As you may notice, WhatsApp for multiple devices is in beta version.

You might be wondering: what is this Beta thing?

When using a beta version of an application, you are like a test pilot.

You’ll use a low-tested version of WhatsApp, reaping the rewards of multiple devices, but in exchange, you can expect to face bugs, and help us learn about them so we can fix them.

WhatsApp can start collecting bugs (and analytics) of this version while giving access to those that know and agree that they are using a non-stable version of the platform.

While we are writing this post (2021-09-09), if you agree to join the beta version of WhatsApp for multiple devices, you won’t be able to send messages or make calls to users with an outdated version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Multiple Devices & NizerChats

Now that you’ve unlocked WhatsApp for multiple devices, you can take your business to another level.

Get the most out of WhatsApp business and add unique superpowers like:

  • Organize and move chats
  • Add notes
  • Add reminders
  • Advanced search
  • Filter by unread
  • Lots more

With NizerChats, you not only can use WhatsApp on multiple devices, you’ll also be sharing all the essential information (notes, reminders, renamed contact) of your customers between the active devices.

Start a 10-day free trial with NizerChats and start organizing your WhatsApp chats to convert and retain more customers like never before.